Kate from Oz

2017 Spring Webinar


Provided background research and basic setup of webinar's presentation

The AccuWeather Weather Analytics Spring Forecast and Outlook webinar was on Thursday, March 9 at 11:03 am EST, presented by AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions' D3 team. The webinar showcased the updated weather forecast for the spring months highlighting Easter holiday impacts, how weather will play a role in consumer behavior compared to last season, upcoming trends in the weather forecast and shopping season, and more. Please see here for access to the webinar.

My role was to provide the initial research into the retail trends during the past Spring Retail seasons and the predicted metrics for the 2017 Retail season, focusing on the impact of the weather on sales both in brick-and-mortar stores and online. It was highly important to use accurate and reliable sources for the retail information. Beyond the initial research, I developed the template of the PowerPoint presentation used in the live webinar. My team member, Tim Loftus, finalized and presented the presentation with the help of AccuWeather's long-range meteorologists and Marketing team. The retail research primarily came from the National Retail Federation. 

I hope you enjoy the final presentation that was presented in the 2017 Spring Forecast and Outlook webinar.