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Multnomah Whiskey Library

Where do I start with the heaven that is the Multnomah Whiskey Library... This is a highlight of any trip to Portland Oregon.

The most important thing you need to know if you want to enjoy the plush seats and superb whiskey selection is to spend the money and get the HALL PASS. For your first visit, you can make a reservation to enjoy the library on your own schedule. Make sure you make your reservation as soon as you decide to book your trip to PDX. And yes, it is worth paying $25 per person to make this reservation.

Looking from the entry into the wonderfulness that is the Library

We made our reservation 10 days before the day we wanted to go. Don't make this mistake, but you can't really fault us because we pretty much left this trip's planning to the last minute. We did get our requested reservation for 4:00 pm on a February Friday. We accidently showed up 15 minutes late, damn those wonderful craft breweries, and it was quite packed. 

Thanks to our amazingly knowledgeable and wonderful server, I had the best Scotch I've ever experienced. The Glenrothes 1995 is easily the easiest yet most enjoyable Scotch I've had in front of me. I did a flight of three Scotches for $35. The server and I spent a few minutes discussing what Scotch/whiskey I have tried, what I like, flavor profiles I prefer, and what I do not like. From there, I gave him my flight budget and let him surprise me. This is the best way to go! Nikki is not a whiskey fan, but loved the Glenrothes 1995 too. She had a couple gin cocktails that had us enamored. Seriously, if you love whiskey OR cocktails, Multnomah Whiskey Library is a must visit on your first adventure in Portland Oregon.

My amazing Scotch flight for $40. Glenrothes 1995 is the next best thing since pizza (for you non-peaky Scotch fans).

View from our couch

And then the fireplace was lit.

Lots of happiness here... And they had multiple versions of Pappy. It was so hard to say no.

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