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Boozy Creamsicle Recipe

Vanilla-Orangecello aka Boozy Creamsicle Recipe

  • 6.33 cups /1.5 liters 95-percent volume alcohol (recommended: 2 bottles Everclear Grain Alcohol)
  • 14-16 medium to large organic or unwaxed oranges
  • 4 vanilla beans $16
  • 10.89 cups water
  • 2.33 pounds/1050 grams sugar $5

** makes the final product 35% alcohol, for 30% alcohol use 13.75 cups of water, 44% alcohol is 7.33 cups of water. Link to change the water amount at bottom of this page.

** if you'd like it a little less sweet, adjust the amount of sugar you use. I'm preferring going with half or 2/3rd the amount of sugar listed above.


Part 1: 14-30 days

1. Use zester to remove peel from the oranges.

2. Split vanilla beans in half along length of beans.

3. Combine Everclear, vanilla beans and orange zest. Allow to sit for minimum 14-30 days in a dark, cool location.

Part 2: 14-30 days

4. Heat the water and add sugar. Make sure the sugar dissolves and stays dissolved as the mixture cools.

5. Strain the vanilla beans and orange zest from the Everclear. Use force to press out as much liquid as possible from the zest OR can also allow the bottle with zest inside to sit upside down in a bowl for 24 hrs to allow the rest of the liquid to drain out (can then add to the booze-sugar water mixture from day before).

6. Once sugar water is at room temperature, combine with the Everclear. Stir well.

7. Place vanilla-orangecello in a dark, cool location to rest for a minimum of 14-30 days.


• KS Everclear is 95% alcohol, so we added extra water to sugar mixture to bring down the alcohol strength.

• Haven't noticed a difference between leaving in large jar after mixing with sugar water, or bottling after making sure it was well mixed.

• swing top bottles from specialtybottle.com are best value/quality if wanting nicer, clear bottles.

• keep what you want to drink in freezer after the completion of part 2 (keep rest in a cool dark place), and drink straight are best serving for enjoying orangecello.

** for the Orangesicle Booze you tried at the BBQ, we did 14 days at Part 1, and it was just 4 days after straining it and mixing with the water and sugar. We are thinking that the vanilla-orangecello might not need as long as the limoncello to develop. We are also going to use less sugar in our other test batches we have going right now.

To change alcohol content use this website - the calculator at top of page: http://homedistiller.org/distill/dilute/calc


For limoncello: everything is the same but use 14-15 lemons, no vanilla beans. Also, we set the length of both part 1 and part 2 at 2 months minimum - so it takes a total of 4 months to get our limoncello where we want it. But we've been know to drink some of it a month into Part 2 of the process.