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Nerding out with Power BI

When people ask what I do or what I am job hunting for, I often receive that glassy eyed look upon telling them Business Intelligence and Analytics. I get the same response to geospatial analytist, Power BI expert, and internal Business Intelligence consulting. Very few have any idea what any of these are...

Here is my easier versions: mapping, data visualization, automated and customized reports and dashboards. And I still get a lot of blank looks for this.

Now on to Microsoft Power BI! I started working with the software about eight months ago, and now I am the primary Power BI expert for AccuWeather. I spend most of my time still learning, trouble shooting, and building custom reports and dashboards to automate and make better use of data like Project Online, Sales from CRM, social media mentions, and more. In talking about this, I've found some like-minded friends who are starting to work with Power BI, and wanting some advice on learning just how big of a world there is with Power BI. Under my Power BI portion of my portfolio, you can find a link to my sorta "master list" of helpful info there along with the link below.