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Fall Foliage Guide 2018

Leaf Peepers Unite!


If you are a self-described leaf peeper like me, you have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for peak Fall Foliage 2018 to descend on North America for what seems like forever. In 2015, I was happy that peak Fall Foliage was late to the party because that meant I was able to take a last minute trip mid-October from Kansas to have a little New England/Quebec road trip with amazing autumn colors. This year seems like those gorgeous colors we all love are crashing the party late again. That also means, as of October 14th, you’re still got time to hunting for fall foliage in your area OR to book a last minute trip to New England and the Mid-Atlantic for the show.

There are a few national and regional foliage maps that you can check out, but I’ve found that it is helpful to check out the state maps for better details on the leaf peeping situation Here is my list of links, grouped by regions, PLUS Leaf Status as of 10.14.2018.

Smoky Mountains National Foliage Map
New England Foliage Map

Maine Map - Peak
New Hampshire - Peak
Vermont Map - near Peak / Peak
Massachusetts Map - This is also the New England Foliage Map

New York Map - mid-point to Peak
Pennsylvania Map - starting to change to near Peak
Maryland Map - Western MD starting to change
Virginia Maps - starting to change
VA Dept of Forestry Map
Shenandoah National Park Map
Blue Ridge Mountains Map
West Virginia Map

Tennessee Map
North Carolina Maps
Blue Ridge Mountains Map
Asheville Area Map
Fall Color Guy Info
Georgia Map

Ohio Map
Michigan Map - Peak
Illinois Map
Wisconsin Map - Peak
Minnesota Map - almost Peak / Peak

Ontario Map
Quebec Map