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Custom Practice Engine Reports

I’ve been working on a little thing… and by working, I mean I’ve also been frustrated, cried, yelled, and nearly thrown my computer out the window, but Phase I is done!! I’ve been working at developing custom Power BI reports based off Practice Engine and so very happy to say that it is out in the world and helping people! Soon, I’ll have a longer post on my company’s blog (digital.withum.com) that dives deeper into using my custom Power BI report to access your Practice Engine data but here are just a few images of the demo report! And remember, this is Phase I - more information will be added to the Power BI report in the coming year.

Practice Engine’s native reports are clunky and difficult to access what you really want to see… So I created Power BI reports that pull PE data and make it easy to use, quick to access from any platform and device, and great for sharing within your organization.

This is the desktop version that has drilldown and drillthrough capabilities:

Below are images of the mobile version of the same report:


If you are interested in working with me and the awesome data team at Withum, please email me at kcoriell@withum.com or contact us through the Withum Digital website!