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Mapping Images with Power BI!

Want to know what gets me the most excited about working with Power BI right now? Mapping images for interactive use in PBI reports! Seriously, all I really want to do at my consulting job with Withum is to work on creating mapped images for clients. This also means I'm not excited about my upcoming PBI exam towards getting my MCSA: BI Reporting certification from Microsoft in the near future... I should have done this ages ago but you know, life. 

Back to mapping images for Power BI! I've been learning how to do this with both Microsoft Visio and okVIZ's Synoptic Panel custom visual for PBI. I wish I could show some of my more recent examples but protection of sensitive data is important so below is an example of some of my early work using the okVIZ visual...

I'll upload more images of my continued work on learning how to make mapped images from various software options in the near future!

If you are interested in working with me and the awesome data team at Withum, please email me at kcoriell@withum.com or contact us through the Withum Digital website!