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They say everyone needs a good elevator pitch. Here’s mine: As a lead Microsoft Power BI consultant with WithumSmith+Brown, I can best describe my work as 50% data scientist, 30% creative (data visualization, UI/UX), 15% educator, and 5% magic. Along with developing beautifully tailored BI reporting solutions with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint integration, I also develop and train others as “content consumers” and “content creators” in the Power BI world.

ArcGIS•Microsoft (Office, Power BI, Dynamics CRM/365, Project Online)• Qlik View•Tableau•Mac iOS•Windows•Adobe XI•Photoshop•DAX•Practice Engine•QGIS•GRASS


Withum Digital (WithumSmith+Brown), Washington, DC • October 2017 to Present
Lead Microsoft Power BI Consultant
Changing the way Withum interacts and uses data on a fundamental level. Microsoft Power BI Lead Consultant specializing in tailored Power BI Reports and Dashboards with UI/UX principles to save time and resources. Focused on data from sales opportunities, financial/accounting, healthcare claims, and project management yet adept at quickly learning new industries. Strengths include translating data into highly functional yet beautiful reports for the everyday person to use with a focus on c-suite and management.
•    Leading the internal data visualization revolution with the creation of well-designed Power BI reports and dashboards, including the automation of Excel/csv, CRM, and other reports to save staff time and reduce data errors.
•    Design and develop beautifully tailored Power BI reports combining and integrating data from multiple sources for ease of use. Data sources include: SQL, social media APIs, Bomgar, KACE, Practice Engine, flat files, Microsoft data sources including Dynamics 365 and Project, and many more.
• Corporate training for c-suite “content” consumers to in-house business analysts/developers as advanced “content” creators within the Power BI universe. Regularly teach Microsoft's "Dashboard in a Day" course at Microsoft's offices in NYC, Philly, and DC.
•    Providing usability and visual enhancements to a variety of data types as examples of what sets Power BI apart from other data visualization tools, including developing Proof-of-Concepts for clients.
•    Exploring the use of mapping and GIS to provide greater understanding and better visualization of data for both internal and external clients.
•    Specialized but not limited to building reports from Dynamics 365, Practice Engine, and healthcare claims data along with integrating and embedding Power BI Reports within Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Sharepoint, and client portals.

Ovation Travel, New York, New York • July 2017 to October 2017
Power BI Consultant
Ovation contracted me to build a Proof of Concept / replicate Tableau dashboards in Microsoft Power BI so that the company can compare the two software systems for functionality, customization, and potential cost savings to switching from Tableau to Power BI.
•    Create custom production level Power BI Reports and Dashboards that replicate in-production Tableau dashboards for their client portal.
•    Provide usability and visual enhancements to the travel sales data as examples of what sets Power BI apart from other data visualization tools.
•    Explore the use of GIS to provide greater understanding and better visualization of the travel sales data.

AccuWeather, Inc., Wichita, Kansas • August 2016 to October 2017
Power BI Specialist, formerly Business Intelligence + Analytics Intern
Primary responsibilities included supporting my team on mapping projects and data visualization that utilize ArcGIS, Microsoft Power BI, and Qlik. Beyond mapping and creating compelling visuals, I help the Analytics team, and multiple AccuWeather business units like digital media and marketing, with a variety of tasks ranging for academia-like research, developing compelling visuals, and presenting our data visualizations. I have also standardized the AccuWeather Analytics team and Enterprise Solutions' presentations for use by my team, the Enterprise Sales team, and meteorologists to make sure AccuWeather shines visually in front of prospective and current clients. 
•    Create custom Power BI Reports and Dashboards to incorporate and automate Dynamics CRM and Project Online reporting. Specifically, highly useful and visually pleasing reporting to be used by AccuWeather executives, department heads, Sales staff, and Project Management staff.
•   Saved AccuWeather 30% of cost, and helped fast track a third-party company hired to develop a social media marketing campaign, Winter Warrior Challenge, to generate interest in a new Analytics/Big Data joint venture with Microsoft. Please see winterwarrior.accuweather.com
•   AccuWeather D3 Express Powered by Microsoft was built off my Power BI dashboards/reports. Only reason Power BI was not used in the final iteration was due to data limitations of Esri’s ArcGIS extension. Launches May 10, 2017 at d3.accuweather.com.
•    Standardization of presentations for my team, the Enterprise Solutions' Sales team, and meteorologists plus training of staff on best practices with the visual component of their presentation, and stressing the importance of using Marketing-approved templates to allow AccuWeather to visually shine in front of prospective and current clients.
•    Use proprietary data to map and analyze big data, especially involving weather data, website traffic data, sales, demographics, social media and more.
•    Software and technology experience: Moderate to advanced - ArcGIS, Microsoft (Power BI, Office, Dynamics CRM, Project Online), Qlik View, Mac iOS and Windows, Adobe XI; beginner: Tableau, Python, DAX, SPSS, Photoshop, QGIS, GRASS.

Mitchell & Richards LLC, CPA Firm, Wichita, Kansas • February 2016 to October 2017
Oil & Gas Data Entry Specialist
Support senior CPA’s with clear and comprehensive data analysis based on clients’ Oil & Gas documents including oil well payments, oil well expenses, and confirmation of matched 1099 information. Assisted CPA’s with input, organization, and categorizing relevant customer data to determine potentially missing data.

Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas • January 2012 to May 2014
Graduate Teaching Assistant (Introductory Archaeology) and Supplemental Instructor (Introductory Biological Anthropology)
•    Providing valuable support to Dr. Lisa Overholtzer and Introductory Archaeology as the Graduate Teaching Assistant, including grading, developing assignments, and communicating with students regarding assignments and grades.
•    Serving as Dr. David Hughes’ de facto Graduate Teaching Assistant for ArcGIS and Spatial Analysis courses.
•    Provide Supplemental Instructor support to Dr. Peer Moore-Jansen and Introductory Biological Anthropology. Developed comprehensive exam study guides to challenge and prepare students for exams, provided guidance on course assignments, and helped students learn and comprehend the course information.
•    Assisted students by helping them with various Anthropology department courses (including Archaeology, GIS Spatial Analysis, Biological Anthropology), and provided valuable advice on college career path decisions to undergraduate students.

Geoff Stalker, Northwestern Mutual, Wichita, Kansas • July 2011 to June 2013, February to December 2016
Financial Assistant
Support Senior Wealth Management Advisor and his financial clients with Northwestern Mutual.
•    Manage complex calendar and prepare pertinent materials for client meetings and presentations.
•    Develop a social media strategy to better market Geoff Stalker to potential clients and build name recognition.
•    Facilitate communication between Mr. Stalker and clients, corporate clients, 401(k)/Investment vendors, potential clients, and SEC compliance while incorporating Dynamics CRM.
•    Develop a logical client document filing system, and implementation with both paper and electronic client files to provide better confidential financial support to private and corporate clients.

Hinkle Law Firm L.L.C., Wichita, Kansas • December 2006 to July 2009
Administrative Clerk and Special Projects
Supporting senior member and head of the Employment Law, Employee Benefits and Tax Department in the role of Administrative Clerk (Administrative Assistant).  Integral team member for the EGTRRA Restatement of Qualified Retirement Plans.
•    Administer complex systems of coding and filing information (both electronically and physically).
•    Facilitate spreadsheet and database management for department.
•    Maintain accurate, up to date, and comprehensive tables and records.
•    Manage business contacts with ACT!, and utilize Open Text’s Hummingbird document management software.
•    Generate Employment Benefit documents with SunGard – Relius software.
•    Basic understanding of LexisNexis – Juris software.
•    Daily use of Microsoft Office (Windows and Mac), Adobe, Word Perfect.


Microsoft “Dashboard in a Day (DIAD)” workshop • 2017 to Present
NYC, Philadelphia, Reston VA Microsoft offices
Present and teach Microsoft “Dashboard in a Day” 1 day hands-on workshop for Business Analysts, covering the breadth of Power BI capabilities.


Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas • May 2017 • GPA 4.0
Master of Arts in Anthropology, Focusing on Archaeology and GIS
Relevant Courses and Training: ArcGIS, Advanced ArcGIS, Advanced Spatial Analysis, Geology Field Mapping Methods, Advanced Archaeological Theory and Methods, Advanced Seminar in Archaeology (lithic analysis), Total Station Training, Archaeology Field Training, Canvas 11 with GIS

Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas • May 2009
Bachelor of Arts in History

University of Maryland - College Park, College Park, Maryland • 2003 to 2005
Chemistry, Chinese History and Chinese Language


Esri Annual User Conference, San Diego, California • June 27 to July 1, 2016
Education Attendee
Learned significantly useful technical skills including spatial and regression analysis methods, useful updates to software, and better understanding of multiple Esri products including Story Maps, Survey123, and Collector.

Central States Anthropological Society, St. Louis, Missouri • April 5, 2013
Presenter and Co-author
Current Archaeological Survey with GIS Mapping of the Tobias Site in Rice County Kansas Compared to Waldo Wedel’s 1940 Survey.

Flint Hills Archaeological Conference, Kansas State University • March 23, 2013
Presenter and Co-author
A Comparative Look at Mapping the Tobias Site from Current Archaeological Survey to Waldo Wedel’s 1940 Survey.


Dean’s Honor Roll, Wichita State University – Spring 2008, Spring 2011
Dean’s List, Syracuse University – Fall 2002, Spring 2003
Academic Commendation, Wichita State University – Fall 2006, Fall 2008


Kansas Association of Mappers, Lawrence, Kansas
Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honors Society, Wichita State University
Anthropology Club, Wichita State University