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Wichita Kansas

Central Standard Brewing

Central Standard Brewing

ICT has been my on-and-off home for over 10 years. It's home. She has much to get her citizen's excited about living in the middle of the Heartland / flyover country / Prairie. Wichita has a completely different feeling from just five years ago. We have a bustling craft beer culture that continues to grow and produce award-winning beers. The restaurant scene has great local spots including a smorgasbord of ethnic cuisine including wonderful Lebanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese,Southern Comfort, Peruvian, Japanese, Ecuadorian, American Southwest Mexican, Mediterranean, French, Korean, Tex-Mex, authentic Mexican, German, pizza, BBQ, steaks, and Hawaiian! We have a coffee scene to rival or exceed cities of similar size. We have recently been recognized for our outstanding art scene that includes Final Friday, the Wichita Symphony, Tallgrass Film Festival, and Music Theatre of Wichita to name only a few. If you want to get outdoors, we can't compete with most other states, but we are working hard to become bike friendly and within a few hours, we have the gorgeous Flint Hills and Great Plains prairie. If you find yourself bored in Wichita, you can only blame yourself for not putting just a little effort into finding something fun to do. My calendar is packed with things I have to turn down because there's just too much happening! 

August 2019: Update coming soon! But check out my ICT list if interested: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1f3xMhQoiplpUqzGFmHIBeTiIp1HtNEky2NWF5Mk4Sw4

Wichita Breweries

If you'd like to experience the seven ICT craft breweries in a day, here is your guide! As long as you are up for a little walking, you can visit them all with only one uber ride! And you can now catch the free Q Line trolley on Douglas between College Hill and Delano. How you get between the starting/ending places and home is up to you. Please be responsible.

Wichita breweries highlights...

Wichita Restaurants

wichita Arts + Music

Wichita booze

Mort's has over 150 martinis on their menu. If you want to check them off as you try them, here's my list until Mort's releases their own app. A few tips: Monday's are half price martini night. Mort's Bloody Mary is my favorite (get it with Bombay Sapphire). Beyond the wonderful martinis and cocktails, they have live music pretty much evening. Find a seat on the patio and enjoy!

Everything else wonderful in ICT...

Vortex Souvenir
The Workroom
Clifton Collective
Bungalow 26
Love in Character