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Wichita Breweries Tour

If you have a free Friday or Saturday, and want to make a stop at Wichita's nine craft breweries... Here's the most efficient way! Plus a few bonus stops during your beer adventure.

First, decide which Wichita Brewing Co. (WBC) you want to be your starting or ending brewery and then adjust the below list to fit that. Start from either the east WBC or Hopping Gnome and go west. Or start at the west WBC or Aero Plains Brewing and head east. The below is the information to start at the east Wichita Brewing Co and heading west through the local breweries. Clicking on the brewery names will take you to my post on them. Clicking on their address or the listed restaurants, will take you to that place's website and menu.

Important Info: Many of these breweries are only open Wednesday or Thursday through 5 pm on Sunday. Beyond uber/biking/walking, starting in May the free Q Line trollies will run from College Hill to Delano. While you couldn't get on and off at the Wichita Brewing Co. locations, you will be able to use it from College Hill to Delano on Fridays and Saturdays at a minimum!

If starting out east and moving west through the breweries, start at Wichita Brewing Co. EAST 535 N Woodlawn Suite 375, Wichita Kansas 67208 or at Hopping Gnome Brewing.

Uber or bike the 3.3 miles to Hopping Gnome Brewing at 1710 East Douglas, Wichita Kansas 67214. On your way from Wichita Brew Co. East or afterwards and wanting a snack or food, you have a few great options along Douglas from East to West along the route: 1) Dempsey's Burger Pub for burgers or Dempsey's Biscuit Co. for fried chicken (College Hill neighborhood), 2) Reverie Coffee Roasters for cashew milk lattes and fresh pastries, 3) Noble House Hawaiian for poke or crack (poke with lobster roll filling on top), or 4) Piatto Neapolitan Pizza next door to Hopping Gnome for their to-die-for three day fermented sourdough crust - order the Francesca pizza (can order from the brewery too).

Walk/bike 2 blocks (0.2 miles) to Central Standard Brewing at 156 South Greenwood St, Wichita Kansas 67211. Beyond the beers, they have a great cheese plate and food trucks daily (check their Facebook page for schedule).

[If you'd like to check out a great beer bar with wonderful food before arriving at River City Brewing, stop by The Anchor on Douglas. It is an easy 0.4 miles and 10 minutes from CSB. Look for the fantastic neon sign!]

Take the 16 minutes to Walk/bike/Q Line the 0.7 miles to Old Town to have some beers at River City Brewing at 150 North Mosley St, Wichita Kansas 67202 from CSB.

[There are now two detours you could take if interested: Wheat State Distilling's tasting room at 246 North Mosley St for great local cocktails featuring field-to-bottle spirits, and Public for another great beer list and wonderful farm-to-table food like the thai pie, bison sliders, and chicken & waffles. Each are less than a block from River City Brewing.]

From River City Brewing, walk/bike back to Douglas and go west, under the train tracks to stop at Third Place Brewing at 630 East Douglas Suite 150, Wichita Kansas 67202. It is 0.3 miles from River City Brewing.

[Aug 2018 - I need to add in Information for Nortons Brewing Co, located just north of Douglas on St. Francis]

As you are heading between Old Town and Delano, you can take a quick jaunt up Waco to visit Limestone Beer Co. / Sweet Allie B's at 707 N Waco Ave, Wichita Kansas 67203. It is 1.3 miles from Third Place Brewing - this is where it is a good idea to bike or take the Q closer to cut down on your walk. The walk should take it about 25 minutes, or 10 minutes by bike. They are the newest brewery on this list, and quickly becoming a favorite of mine for their delicious IPAs, sours, food, and patio! Seriously, Allie's food is amazing. If gumbo is on special, GET IT! You can find out more about their beers by checking out their Facebook page.

[If you walk or bike between Limestone Beer Co. and Aero Plains Brewing, you can take in the Keeper of the Plains, Arkansas River, Exploration Place, or the new Wichita Library when it opens!]

Now it is on to the Delano neighborhood, and Aero Plains Brewing at 117 North Handley St, Wichita Kansas 67203. It should take you just short of 35 minutes to walk the 1.5 miles from Limestone Beer Co. and over the Arkansas River (pronounced ar-Kansas in Kansas*) to see the Keeper of the Plains. You can also bike or catch the Q Line along Douglas. A great side adventure on the way is to try to find the troll along the river! If you're interested in food in Delano, check out Milkfloat, Yokohama Ramen Joint, or The Monarch. If you started with Wichita Brewing Co. East, this is your last brewery!

Finally, if you started at Hopping Gnome Brewing and moved west, you'll be at Wichita Brewing Co. West at 8815 West 13th St N, Wichita Kansas 67212. It is 7.8 miles from Aero Plains so you'll want to uber or bike. 

[August 2018 - Need to add in Augustino Brewing to the list. Located at Central and Tyler in west Wichita.]

* Per my Wichita State archaeology professor and expert in Great Plains archaeology along with others... The river is named for the ark in the river running through what is formally Kanza Indian territory. The river and the tribal names came first, and how Kansas got her name. Hence the Ar-Kansas River. The French pronounced it ArKANSAW because you don't pronounce the ending 's' in French. Arkansas, the state, came after the naming of the river and the Kansas territory/state.  And yes, I know that the state, Arkansas, has a court ruling on the proper pronunciation but let's be honest, are you really going to trust Arkansas? If you're in Arkansas, pronounce the state the way their state Supreme Court mandates, but if you are in Kansas, please remember to call it the Ar-Kansas River. When in Rome...