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Proximity Analytics

When you think spatially and consider maps with features, you'll quickly jump to "what's near what?" on a basic level. How far are you from the airport? What's the quickest path to walk between two points? How close did the tornado come to my house? These are all concerned with proximity. Esri's Proximity toolset contains tools that are used to determine the proximity of features within one or more feature classes or between two feature classes. These tools can identify features that are closest to one another or calculate the distances between or around them.

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Proximity Analytics
Near Tables

Calculates distances and other proximity information between features in one or more feature class or layer. Unlike the Near tool, which modifies the input, Generate Near Table writes results to a new stand-alone table and supports finding more than one near feature.
Any stores of current client that have "TestStores" within the 5 mile buffer. Used Generate Near Table tool [input: Store5mile, near: TestStores, closest store] to get a list of 5 mile Buffers that had a distance of 0 from the TestStores since that would mean that the test store fell within that buffer.