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Wichita Restaurant List

Where should we eat tonight?

If there was ever a universal question in any relationship, from friendship to romantic, this would be it. I took a list my ex started and ran with it by adding a ton of new restaurants including places I want to try, breweries, and a few bars. When anyone asks me about where they should take people to eat in Wichita, I always go back to this list. Below, I've provided links to both my excel sheet, and my Wichita page that has an interactive list built with Power BI.

If you want a little cheat sheet, here are my favorites: Public, Limestone Beer Co./Sweet Allie B's, Central Standard Brewing, Flying Stove, Piatto, Sabor, Anchor, Monarch, KimLan, Old Mill Tasty Shop, Siena, George's, Bella Luna, Uno Mas food truck, Reverie, Thai Traditions, Little Saigon, and Bar'nards. Just a little caveat, this is pretty standard for me but depending on mood, I'll adjust it slightly.